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Advanced optical monitoring

This sensor is the state of the art in its class allowing a coverage of a maximum path of 250m and equipped with reliable optical technology that guarantees good performance and long life to the device.
Air Opacity is the main parameter used for tunnel ventilation system control.

Sonde per gas tossici

Gas detectors

Monitoring emissions

IR and electrochemical gas detectors for CO, CO2, NO, NO2.
Both technologies are reliable and accurate.
They permit to monitor the toxic gases level along the tunnel and to activate suitable alarms and actions when some thresholds are exceeded.
The gas concentration parameter can be used for ventilation system control and the data can be stored to be viewed and for statistical purposes.



Measure speed and direction of air

Ultrasonic air flow meters, point type or end to end, for continuos monitoring of air velocity and direction in the tunnel.
When ventilation system is off these devices measure the natural draught of the tunnel.
If ventilation system is switched on, UFM sensors measure its operation.

Tunnelvista System

Control system

TUNNELVISTA is the ultimate tunnel control system installed in hundreds of road, rail and underground tunnels around the world, well known for its great reliability and low cost maintenance.

TUNNELVISTA team has 15 years of experience in this field and was the first to introduce the long path Opacimeter technology on the market, back in year 2000 with the REDLINE250 product.

Advanced technology

This is still the leading technology on the market up to date.

TUNNELVISTA sensors allow the optimal control of tunnel ventilation that leads to great savings in terms of power consumption. These savings compensate the money spent on devices and installation in a short time and so results in an good investment for tunnel managers.

Monitoring data

All the collected data about air opacity, air speed and direction, toxic gases concentration, humidity, temperature, ambient light level etc., can be stored, displayed and analyzed by a remote monitoring system like SCADA systems or similar ones.

These parameters can also be used with data obtained from other sensors like for example traffic flow meters to obtain global statistics of each day.

Quality and Safety


The products can be used to:

- Road Tunnels
- Rail Tunnels
- Underground

System features

- save on tunnel power consumption (ventilation, lighting)
- record all the environment parameters
- analize and display the collected data
- maximize tunnel security
- fire event signalling

TUNNELVISTA products feature a complete range of sensors and accessories that is continously updated and integrated with more devices, as requested by the market. TUNNELVISTA team has also the ability to fulfill customer needs by customizing its products, if necessary.

Made in Italy

All the product range is developed and manufactured entirely in Italy with quality components and piece by piece deep testing.

Manufacturing and managining activities are supervised by the management in accordance to ISO9001:2008 procedures.