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Company profile EDS

TUNNELVISTA is a trademark of EDS srl, manufacturer of security products in the field of gas &fire detection from more than 40 years. The EDS Electronic Detection Systems srl was founded in 1975 as a manufacturing company of innovative products in the field of Security Sytems (fire, burglar alarm, gas, etc.).

The company mission is to develop cutting-edge products, following market needs, and with high level quality and reliability.

Tunnelvista Project

Efficient solutions for market needs

TUNNELVISTA team has 15 years of experience in this field and was the first to introduce the long path Opacimeter technology on the market, back in year 2000 with the REDLINE250 product.

TUNNELVISTA team has also the ability to fulfill customer needs by customizing its products, if necessary.

The project of developing a product range for tunnel monitoring systems was started by EDS back in the late 90s and became active with the presentation of the first ever Long Range Opacimeter REDLINE250 (up to 250m) in year 2000. Before that only short range Opacimeters were available on the market (10-12m). Later EDS developed the other devices of the range including Ultrasonic Air Flow Meters, Toxic Gas sensors and Temperature Sensors.

The Tunnelvista trademark was introduced by EDS to have a recognizable brand on the market for this product range.