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This sensor is the state of the art in its class allowing a coverage of a maximum path of 250m and equipped with reliable optical technology that guarantees good performance and long life to the device.

REDLINE250 measures any air opacity change converting it in an analog signal suitable to control ventilation and monitoring systems.
It is composed by 2 elements : a trasmitter and a receiver.

REDLINE250 is equipped with a lot of outputs allowing to transmit the needed signals remotely.
A dust protection tube covers the optics to reduce the dirt on the surface of the optics.
Reliability of the Opacimeter has been proved in hundreds of installations and needed maintenance is really low and cheap.


REDLINE20 represents the short range and low cost TUNNELVISTA solution for visibility/opacity control in tunnels. Installation results easier given that the maximum covered path distance is 25m and that cables should be installed only for the TX+RX unit because the other element, the reflector, is passive.

The sensor is controlled by a control panel unit that allows to modify settings, visualize the measure and transmit the measured signal and alarms to other remote control systems.